Bonus & Dividend Share List 2024

Dividend Share list 2024: Identify Companies Offering Dividends and Bonus Shares

Dividend Share List 2024: You are welcome in Yono Informer stock investment platform. Today I am going to tell you about this company. The company which is offering both dividend and bonus. This article will help you in choosing which stock has dividend and bonus offer. So friends, go with this article is for your future benefit and investment plan. And don’t forget to subscribe for the next as same article.

The company is going to give dividend and bonus shares. Whenever a company announces dividend or bonus shares, it is natural for their share price to rise. Those who already have shares of these companies in their holdings can not only earn profits but investors who buy the shares of the company before the fixed expiry date can also earn returns.

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What is dividend?

Dividend Share List 2024
Dividend Share List 2024

Before Dividend Share list 2024, let us know what is Dividend? Whenever a company earns profit, some part of that profit is given by the company as a gift per share to the investors in the form of dividend.

What is Bonus Share?

When a company feels that its share price is high as per the market cap, retail investors take less interest in it, then the company splits the shares. If a company is giving a 1:2 share bonus, then the investor who has 10 shares of that company gets 20 shares in bonus and the shareholder gets 30 shares of 10 shares and with this The share price also reduces in the same proportion.

Dividend Share List 2024:

Dividend Share List 2024
Dividend Share List 2024

Now you will see some companies which is offering dividend in 2024. So read full article carefully for your better knowledge for your future investment plan.

Castrol India

Castrol India Company is going to give the gift of dividend to its shareholders and this company has announced a dividend of Rs 4.50 per share. And its record date has been fixed as 21 March 2024. All the shares held by the shareholders of this company will be transferred to their bank account at the rate of ₹ 4.50 per share.

Ok Play India

This company has announced a 1:10 stock split and its record date is March 11, 2024, for any shareholder who holds shares in this company. That one share will become 10 shares. And the share price will also be divided in 1:10.

Rama Steel Tube

The share of this company is trading at Rs 41. Rama Steel Tube Company has announced two Bonus Shares on one share and its record date has been fixed as 19 March 2024.

Waaree Renewables

The company’s share is trading at Rs 7445. This share has increased by Rs 1000 in a week and by Rs 350 in a day. The company is going to convert every two shares into 10 shares, meaning the shareholders of this company. If you have two shares, they will be converted into 10 shares and the share price will also reduce in the same proportion. Its record date has been fixed as March 15, 2024.

MK Proteins

The share of MK Protein Company is trading at ₹ 45 and this company is going to give a gift of two bonus shares on one share and its record date has been kept as 15 March 2024.

Sbi Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance Company has announced dividend. How much dividend the company will pay has not been announced yet and its record date has been fixed as March 15, 2024.

Our Team Desk Conclusion

Yono Informer Conclusion
Yono Informer Conclusion

The 2024 Dividend Share List published on the Yono Informer article post reveals several key findings. Major dividend-paying stocks demonstrate stability and growth potential, consistent with investors’ interest in reliable returns. Additionally, companies with a consistent track record of dividend growth. Which provides investors with a balanced selection to navigate different market conditions effectively.


This is not investment advice from Yono Informer. Invest responsibly in the stock market with expert advice, keeping in mind the financial risks.


How Do Dividend Shares Compare to Growth Stocks?

Dividend shares typically offer lower potential for capital appreciation compared to growth stocks but provide regular income through dividends. Growth stocks, on the other hand, reinvest earnings into the company for future growth, potentially offering higher capital gains.

Are Dividend Payments Guaranteed?

Dividend payments are not guaranteed and can fluctuate based on various factors, including the company’s financial performance and management decisions.

What Factors Influence Dividend Payments?

Several factors can influence dividend payments, including the company’s profitability, cash flow, financial health, management’s policies, and economic conditions.

How are Dividend Payments Calculated?

Dividend payments are typically calculated as a fixed amount per share or as a percentage of the company’s earnings. They’re usually paid quarterly or annually.

What Is Dividend Reinvestment?

Dividend reinvestment allows shareholders to use dividends to purchase additional shares of the same company, thereby compounding their investment over time.

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