Expansion of Artificial Intelligence in India

India has more than 2000 AI related startups and more than 90000 AI professionals. Currently, India is gearing up for the area of innovation economy with over 1,200 government-funded research institutes, active policy mechanisms, collaboration between industry and academia. India is on an ever-increasing path of innovation and emerging technologies such as block chain, nanotechnology, quantum computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence are at the center of innovation and India aspires to join the league of top 25 innovative countries.

Not just science fiction anymore

Let us tell you that AI is no longer just science fiction. Every day, this new area of ​​growing science seems to be getting closer to becoming a reality. Siri, Google Now, recommendation engines and drones are defining today’s area of how technology is becoming more participatory and humanistic.

Here, the number of Google software projects involving AI has grown from “sporadic use” in 2012 to more than 2,700 now. AI developers use machine learning to teach machines to learn from their own experiences without explicitly programming them.

AI lists a variety of frameworks, tools (kits), modules, libraries, and other resources to help us achieve a lot with machine learning.

Rapidly growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

Now artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are increasingly being used not only in smart cities but also in healthcare sector, agriculture sector, smart home, finance, defence, transportation, logistics, natural language processing, surveillance etc. .

Various government organizations are also using AI/ML systems to provide public services and e-governance services.

AI is rebuilding education in India

AI is making its way into rural India. It is paving the way for rural children to access further education through technology. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital learning has been an important part of education. However, many students in villages and small towns in India are adversely affected due to lack of availability of internet connection, computers or even mobile phones.

Wherein teachers who were not well versed in technology, how could they contribute to the issues faced by the growth of digital education in rural India.

Also, since India is a country with many vernacular languages, instruction in English was affecting the students’ understanding level. There are also issues of gender disparity as access to online learning is even less among the female population in rural parts of India.

Now this goal is being met in rural India with the help of conversational AI. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the work of bridging the education gap can be done with the use of AI.

Inter twinning with AI can deliver content to academic resource users based on their customization. This technology is adjusting the pace of learning for every student.

‘Responsible AI for Youth’,

‘Responsible AI for Youth’ will empower youth by helping them become AI ready and bridge their skill-gap, while enabling youth to become meaningfully impactful social solutions.

This program is designed to reach out to students from government schools across the country and provide them an opportunity to be part of the skilled workforce in an inclusive manner. Thus AI will decide the future of India.

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