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Science City Kolkata: Best and Largest Science Museum

Science City Kolkata: Science City is one of the best and largest science museums in the world which was inaugurated on 1st July 1997. Under the National Council of Science Museum, Science City has been declared as the largest science centre in the entire Indian subcontinent, which is a matter of pride for the entire country, giving Kolkata a new identity.

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About Science City

This place is a major attraction of Kolkata for science lovers as well as Indian and foreign tourists, where thousands of tourists visit every year. Science City is a perfect blend of education with science and entertainment with a special section dedicated to the aquatic world where you can learn about the different fishes and insects in the aquatic world in minute detail.

This place is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kolkata with your family, friends and kids where you can get various important information related to science while roaming around.

Science City, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, J.B. Located at the crossing of Haldane Avenue. The entire operation and maintenance of this city is managed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Major centres of attraction in Science City

In a way, this science is a centre of attraction in itself. You will find different types of artefacts here. Natural beauty like here is rarely found anywhere in the world. Science City is supposed to have a special section dedicated to the aquatic world. Some of its main and special attractions are as follows:


There are 26 types of fresh water fish in this aquarium, in which you can learn about different fish and insects in every minute detail.

Live Butterfly Enclave

A colony of live butterflies has been created in this, in which the entire life cycle of a butterfly is shown through a film, which provides a very special experience to the tourists coming here.


This permanent exhibit explores the world of illusions with interactive exhibits that explore how motion and placement make a difference in visual perception.

Maritime Centre

The centre showcases India’s maritime history, its artefacts, dioramas and interactive shipping as well as navigation systems. Also there is a quiz corner where you can get answers to your questions.

Science Park

Science park is a place where you can learn about plants, animals and other things in natural environment. Another interesting fact about the exhibits shown here is that they are engineered in such a way that they can endure any weather. The Science Park is considered to be an important part of all the centres of NCSM and houses several exhibits including monorail cycle, butterfly nurse, musical fountain, gravity coaster, road train, cable car and a live maze surrounded by greenery.

Exploration Hall

Exploration Hall or Science Exploration Hall is a structure covering an area of ​​5400 square meters which was opened in 2016. This exploration hall is divided into four sections.

  • A Dark Ride – Evolution of Life
  • 360 Degree Projection – Panorama on Human Development
  • Contains a gallery showcasing India’s science and technology heritage
  • Symposium hall

Halls in this building for visitors

  • Four halls with a seating capacity of 100 persons,
  • Two halls with seating capacity of 40 persons
  • Two halls with seating capacity of 30 persons
  • Two halls with seating capacity of 15 persons

Science City Kolkata Entry Fee

Science City Kolkata

If you are going to visit Science City and are searching about the entry fee of Science City, then let us tell you that the entry fee of Science City is Rs.60 per person but if you are going to visit any show or other If you are going to do party spat in activities, then for that you will have to take a separate ticket, which is as follows –

  • Entry fee: Rs 50 per person
  • 3D Theatre: Rs.30 per person
  • Road train: Rs.20 per person
  • Cable car: Rs.40 per person
  • Monocycle: Rs.10 per person
  • Monocycle: Rs.10 per person
  • Gravity Coaster: Rs.30 per person
  • ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’ : Rs.80.00 per person

Best time to visit Science City

By the way, you can visit Science City at any time of the year. But if you want to visit Science City as well as other tourist places of Kolkata. Then visit Kolkata in the autumn and winter months between October and February. There are most months for Avoid traveling to Kolkata during summers. Starting from March as the temperature in Kolkata reaches up to 45 degree Celsius.

How to reach science city Kolkata

Science City Kolkata

If you are planning to visit Science City in Kolkata. With your family or friends and want to know how to reach Science City Kolkata? So let us tell you that you can reach Science City Kolkata by choosing any of the road, rail and air routes.

How to reach Science City Kolkata by road

If you have chosen the road route to go to Science City Kolkata. Then let us tell you that Kolkata is well connected by road to all the major cities of India along with West Bengal. Regular bus services are also available to Kolkata from almost any part of India. From Delhi, via NH 19, it takes about a day to reach Kolkata. Buses are also available from nearby cities like Kharagpur, Haldia etc.

From Delhi, via NH 19, it takes about a day to reach Kolkata. Buses are also available from nearby cities like Kharagpur, Haldia etc. So you can easily reach Science City Kolkata by traveling by bus, taxi or your private car as per your convenience.


Science City Kolkata

Science City is open all year round from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Our Team Conclusion

Science City Kolkata is an attractive destination that flawlessly combinations education with entertainment. With its interactive exhibits, immersive space theatre, and diverse scientific displays. It offers visitors of all ages an engaging learning experience. From the Earth Exploration Hall to the Maritime Centre, Science City burns interest and fosters a deeper understanding of science and technology. Its well-maintained facilities and innovative presentations make it a must-visit for families, students, and tourists. In this article, you know about Science City, how did you like this article, do tell us in the comments.


What are the operating hours of Science City Kolkata?

Science City Kolkata is open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, including weekends and public holidays.

Is there a parking facility available at Science City Kolkata?

Yes, Science City Kolkata has ample parking space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Can I book tickets online for Science City Kolkata?

Yes, tickets can be booked online through the official Science City website or various authorized ticketing platforms.

Science City Kolkata suitable for children?

Absolutely! Science City offers a variety of interactive and educational exhibits. That are designed to engage children of all ages and stimulate their interest in science.

Are there food and beverage facilities at Science City Kolkata?

Yes, there are several food and beverage outlets within Science City. Offering a variety of snacks, meals, and beverages to visitors.

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