UC0 Bank Share – Technical Analysis & Future Target

UCO Bank Share, formerly known as United Commercial Bank, was established on 6 January 1943. In fact, Shri G.D. was responsible for creating Indian Bank. Birla’s vision which came into reality after the “Quit India” movement. The headquarters of the bank is in Kolkata.

If we look at the financials of the bank, there has been a continuous increase in revenue. If we look at the data of the last five years, the revenue growth of the bank has remained good. Along with this, profits have also increased. The net profit of the bank has increased to Rs 504 crore in the September quarter.

This is almost four times compared to the previous quarter. The improvement in the bank’s revenue and profits has increased the interest of mutual funds and foreign investors. MFs and FPIs have increased their investments. Due to this the stock has increased.

If you look at the UCO Bank share price targets by 2026, you can see that the first target is showing you Rs 52 along with good growth. After this you can think of another target to hold for Rs. 55.

UCO Bank Share
UCO Bank Share
UCO Bank Share
UCO Bank Share

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The rise in UCO Bank shares can be attributed to the strategic advantage of India’s efforts to raise the credibility of the rupee internationally. UCO Bank is the first Indian bank to receive approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to open special Rupee Vostro accounts for foreign banks.

I hope you will understand the share analysis report, future target price of share and happy with us but if you have any other doubt or query regarding share then you can post your query or feedback here. But remember that no one should forget to take the advice of their financial advisor before taking any investment decision at any price.

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