What is Artificial Intelligence & Major Applications?

In the simplest terms, Artificial Intelligence means developing the ability to think, understand and make decisions in a machine. Artificial intelligence is considered to be the most advanced form of computer science and in this a brain is created in which the computer can think – A computer brain that can think like humans.

Types of artificial intelligence

Purely Reactive

Limited Memory

Brain Theory

Self Conscious

Artificial intelligence started in the 1950s. Artificial Intelligence means – Intellectual ability developed in an artificial (artificial) way.

According to John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence, it is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, that is, the intelligence displayed by machines.

Through this, a computer system or robotic system is prepared, which is tried to run on the basis of the same logic, on the basis of which the human brain works.

Artificial intelligence is a method of creating computer-controlled robots or software that can think like humans.

It is the study of how the human brain thinks and learns, makes decisions, and works while solving problems.

Major Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Computer Gaming

Natural Language Processing

Expert System

Vision System

Speech Recognition

Intelligent Robot

Apart from this, running a very complex system, preparing new medicines, discovering new chemicals, from mining industry to space from stock market to insurance companies no area of ​​human life is left like this is, in which artificial intelligence does not interfere.

Let’s try to understand it with a example

Today, the movement of airplanes around the world is completely dependent on computers. Which airplane will pass by which route, when, where it will deliver the goods all these machines decide and give instructions. That is, artificial intelligence is being used for air traffic control.

This means that the work which takes more time for humans to do or the work which is complex and difficult, can be dealt with in a jiffy with the help of these machine brains.

Caution is also necessary

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way we live and work. Technologies such as robotics and virtual reality will revolutionize the way production and manufacturing are done. According to a study by the University of Oxford, 150,000 jobs will be lost in the US alone in the next two decades.

We may be able to deal with the challenges posed by employment in the world of artificial intelligence, but it will be difficult to avoid the biggest threat. Therefore, it is clear that there are as many dangers as there are benefits from machines with artificial intelligence. Experts say that if thinking-understanding robots start considering humans as their enemies for some reason or situation, then there can be a danger to humanity. All machines and weapons can rebel. Such a situation has been imagined in a Hollywood movie like ‘Terminator’.

Intelligent robots are being made

The latest invention of this time shows the intelligence of artificial intelligence machines. Robots are made effective and intelligent with the help of artificial intelligence. These types of robots have made their place abroad and in many big companies of the country and are doing such work, which workers and technical staff find very difficult to do.

Conclusion: We have learned to use fire and electricity for the benefit of humanity, but it is necessary to overcome its bad aspects. Similarly, artificial intelligence is also such a technology and it can be used in the treatment of cancer or in solving the problems related to climate change. The creation of artificial intelligence is one of the biggest events in the history of our civilization. But the truth is also that if the way to avoid its risk is not found, then it can have serious consequences, because despite all the benefits, artificial intelligence has its own dangers. Overall, the rise of a powerful artificial intelligence can be beneficial for us as well as harmful. At present, we do not know what its form will be in the future, that is why more research needs to be done in this context.

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