What is consumer electronics and present / future market.

Consumer electronics or home electronics are electronic items of daily use that are used especially in private homes. Consumer electronics includes a broad set of electronic devices that provide one or more functionalities in the home or for a particular individual. The term initially refers to electronic devices that are installed or used exclusively inside a home/house. However, they now also include mobile and computing devices that a person can easily carry outside the home, such as cell phones or tablet PCs.

Consumer electronics includes items such as:

DVD player
Washing machine

What is the status in market?

At present there is a market of 75 thousand crores –

At present, the Indian market for Appliances and Consumer Electronics is around Rs 75,000 crore. During the Corona period, the chain of supply and demand was completely disturbed, apart from this, due to the semi-conductor crisis, there has been a lot of negative impact on this sector. Despite this, with the speed with which the price is rising, this market will become 2 lakh crores within the next 5-6 years.

How much FDI is allowed in the semiconductor industry in India?

In the electronics system design and manufacturing sector, the Government of India has allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) under all circumstances.

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