Bharti Airtel Share Analysis Report And Future Target

Bharti Airtel Share – Bharti Airtel is an Indian telecommunications company. It also provides fixed line service and broadband services. It provides its service in 18 countries of Africa including India. It provides its telecom services under the name of Airtel and is headed by Sunil Mittal.

Bharti Airtel Limited is a company in the telecommunication services sector. The total valuation (market value) of the company is Rs. 4,22,980 crore. The share price of one share of the company is Rs.764.90 in BSE market today and Rs. 764.65 in NSE market today. The company was established in the year 1995.

Global brokerage firm UBS is quite bullish on Bharti Airtel stock price. After the positive commentary, the stock is showing a steady rise. UBS has changed the rating of Bharti Airtel to Buy from Neutral. Its target price has also been revised. UBS has increased the target from Rs 760 to Rs 855. The brokerage house is seeing an upside of about 20 per cent from the current price.

Bharti Airtel Share
Bharti Airtel Share
Bharti Airtel Share
Bharti Airtel Share

Nomura did not change the target price

After the results of Bharti Airtel, Nomura has given a buy opinion on it but has not changed the target price. There is a buy opinion with a target of Rs 855. According to the brokerage firm, the company has presented good quarterly results.

Goldman Sachs maintained a buy rating

Brokerage company Goldman Sachs has maintained buy opinion on Bharti Airtel. A target of 885 has been given for buying. The company believes that going forward, the revenue of Bharti Airtel will increase further.

Should we invest or not – Bharti Airtel Share is Good to Invest?

The consumption of the business that the company does is going to increase in the coming days. The market camp of this company has also increased a lot. Share holders have pledged a small amount of its shares but considering the company market cap, it is not such a big deal. If you are thinking of investing for the long term, then it can give you good returns in the future. Its previous results are also fine so you can think about it.

Our Opinion (Is Bharti Airtel Share Worth Buying?)

We would like to invest in such a company which is likely to see some growth in the future. If you ask about this stock, then you can earn well by waiting for the right time to invest in it for a short period. If we talk about long term then you can feel free to invest in it.

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