What is helpline empowerment Scheme for Indian women’s & how do these work?

The Government had implemented the National Policy of Women Empowerment on 20 March 2001, which aims at progress, development and empowerment of women. The basic objective of this policy is to end all kinds of discrimination against women and ensure that they can participate in every activity in every sphere of their life. A National Action Plan was prepared to achieve the goals of this policy. The Ministry of Women and Child Development implements these action plans.

For the empowerment of women, the central government has run many schemes across the country. A lot of time has passed since these schemes were started. Women’s safety is talked about every day. Their rights are talked about. Although many people keep coming forward indirectly to help women, but those women across the country who are facing any kind of problem, they can take help through this scheme of the government.

The government has issued numbers to help women. You can get immediate help by calling them. Women’s helpline number 1091/1090 is for the entire country. Apart from this, women can call on 0111-23219750 if they want to express their views in the National Commission for Women (NCW).

No one can take away this right from women

Every woman has got some rights. No one can take away this right from a woman, just as a woman can forbid her partner to have a physical relationship. Similarly, any woman who is a victim of rape has the right to get free legal aid. In such a case, the Legal Service Authority has to arrange a lawyer for the woman. At the same time, if a woman is an accused in a case, then whatever medical examination will be done on her, it should be done by a woman only.

Apart from this, women and men have equal rights on ancestral property. High Court Advocate Sanjay Mehra says that women have got this right under the Hindu Succession Act. If a woman is sexually harassed at the workplace, she can file a complaint against it under the Sexual Harassment Act. Today we are going to tell 6 such rights related to women, which every person should know. No one can stop women from taking these rights.

What to do about harassment of women?

Any aggrieved woman, her female relative or friend, on receiving objectionable messages on social media, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, obscene calls or messages on mobile or molestation, violence and sexual harassment anywhere at home and outside, register a free complaint on 1090 Can get it done.

How does 1091 work?

According to the information, after dialling 1091, the call will be received in the police control. The helpline can be called 24 hours a day from any network. In the new system, the system will be online. As soon as the call is received, the message will be flashed in the concerned police station or post and assistance will be given to the caller or the person concerned.

Women’s Helpline Empowerment Scheme

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