What is online education & advantages / disadvantages?

What is online teaching or education?

In simple language, we can understand online education as a system by which students can get education from their own home through internet and electronic devices like computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Online study can be called internet based education system in simple words. When the government closed all schools and educational institutions indefinitely due to Corona virus, online education was encouraged in many countries including India.

Some important content about online education or teaching

Since every child has access to the Internet today, it has also become a popular medium of education. Through this medium, teachers can establish communication with their students sitting in any corner of the country and the world through the Internet. But due to the lockdown, its use increased rapidly and students who could not go to school could virtually continue their incomplete studies again. If it was not for this medium of education, then surely the education of crores of children would have been dropped in the middle.

With this new initiative, the education system has become easier rather than disrupted. Online education medium has become popular for many reasons. Its operation and the facilities provided are easy and easily accessible to every human being.

This is the reason that online classes are going on from nursery classes to big degree courses and children also participate in it with interest.

Only good internet connection is required to join this class. In this, children are trained through video, audio and web content. Online education was given legal status from the year 1993.

Now you will see about difficulties and possibilities in online education system

So far, the online education system is in its infancy, due to which it has not been implemented as much so that the problems coming in the system can be identified.

But due to many big and fundamental reasons, even today not all children are able to take advantage of this method. In which the first problem is the lack of high speed internet.

Even today the speed of internet in remote areas is not enough so that online classes can be attended. The second problem is with the electronic device.

Children from middle and low families are not given smart phones etc. or the financial condition of the family is not of such a standard that it can meet the expenses.

A major obstacle is also that since this is a new medium of teaching for teachers, traditional teachers are hesitant to present themselves in front of such technology.

Institutions of distance education are also rapidly moving towards adopting this option. In such a situation, we can see unprecedented growth in the field of online education in India in the coming decade.

What is the benefits of online education?

If we talk about digital education keeping in mind all the aspects as a whole, then we also have to talk about its advantages, disadvantages, boon or curse, importance etc. Here, through some points, let us try to understand the advantages of this new method.

Many benefits of online education are born due to the convenience of studying at home.

Education is not affected by various types of weather, circumstances, constraints like housewife or disability.

A lot of time and expense is also saved by eliminating the hindrance of regular traffic.

The resources and logistics of the school are also saved. Time spent in pre-study formalities can be saved.

The digital data can be easily saved, due to which the lectures given earlier can be reused at any time.

What is the disadvantages of online education?

So far, we have learned about the possibilities, challenges and advantages of what is the importance of online education medium in today’s time.

On one hand there are many benefits of this method and on the other hand many side effects are also coming to the fore. Let us also know about the disadvantages of this teaching method with the help of the points given below.

Not all children are the same, there is a wide range of diversity in them. That’s why reading or watching the screen is not that easy either. It becomes very difficult to read on screen as compared to hardcopy.

Among the major disadvantages of online education are the deformities in the eyes, fingers and spinal cord of children.

Usually in online class, a teacher is not able to communicate with all the children, so the situation of one-way communication is not considered suitable for learning.

Children’s learning through online means, their understanding and weaknesses cannot be tested properly.

This medium of education gives more freedom to the student, due to which he starts working according to his mind, due to this the sense of discipline does not develop in the child.

When the child is given a mobile or any gadget, then he cannot even be monitored, what he sees etc. There is no dearth of content giving wrong direction to the character of the child. In such a situation, parents also hesitate to give them smart phones.

Measures to improve the online education system

Whenever a new method comes into effect, it cannot be imagined that some side effects are untouchable. After its use and practicality, we can identify the negative points.

Since online education is a useful area on which the future of children and the entire country rests, then we should study all the aspects of the system and look towards ways to improve it.

Children should not be completely dependent on this medium of education. Children should also read print books and they should also be kept open to reading material online.

Experienced teachers who teach in an interesting way should be encouraged in this. Help centers should be opened to solve the problems of children at different levels. Opportunities for practical study should also be provided to the children.

In the end, it can be said as a conclusion that if children are given opportunities to learn through online medium in a managed way, then they can learn with interest without stress. We cannot adopt this innovative method with the syllabus of Text Books.

At the national level, lightweight cress courses should be made for children which can be learned in a short time. Instead of taking heavy classes of ten and twelve hours continuously, coaching institutes also arrange for teaching with attractive features in less time, taking care of the health of the children, then maximum benefit can be taken from this technology based teaching.

I hope your query regarding online education sector will be clear through this article and if you have any other query about online education then post or give a comment.

Online Education

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