Rattan India Enterprises Share Analysis Report And Future Target

Rattan India Enterprises – Strong rally of 15% in the shares of Rattanindia Enterprises, the stock jumped due to the acquisition of Revolt Motors.

Rattanindia Enterprises has acquired electric vehicle maker Revolt Motors, due to which its shares have gained momentum. Revolt Motors manufactures the largest selling electric bike in the country. The company has a manufacturing facility in Manesar, Haryana.

RattanIndia Enterprises is a major company of RattanIndia Group, where the company is seen working fast in new age business like e-commerce, electric vehicles, fintech and drones in all these new business RattanIndia Enterprises with the help of its different subsidiary company.

RattanIndia Enterprises is going to be seen increasing its focus even more rapidly on all these businesses, for which the management will be very big in the coming years as well. Investment plans are being seen in quantity.

rattan India enterprises
rattan India enterprises
rattan India enterprises
rattan India enterprises
rattan India enterprises

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2023 with strong growth in new-age business, you can see the first target showing Rs.65 in 2023. After this target, you will definitely see another target of 70 rupees very soon.

My Opinion (Rattan India Enterprises):-

There is no doubt that the business in which Rattan India Enterprises is currently working has a lot of growth opportunities in the future, if we see now, the company’s business is on track only if the management continues in the same way in the coming days. If we see increasing focus on execute in business, then definitely the company is going to be seen getting benefited.

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