Adani Transmission Share Analysis And Future Target Report

Investors’ money doubled in the last 30 days:

Adani Transmission, which works for Power Transmission and Distribution of Adani Group, its stock has given more than 100% return to its investors only in the last 30 days.

Has given 22% return this week:

Adani Transmission’s share has not only given 100% return to its shareholders in the last 30 days, but if we talk about this week alone, it has given a return of about 22% to its investors in this week alone.

Which is a very good return in a week.

Last Friday i.e. on February 12, Adani Transmission’s share closed at around Rs.627, and yesterday i.e. on February 19, it closed at around Rs.770. That is, in just one week, we have given up to 22% return to our investors.

However, he also says that there will be pressure on Adani Group shares in the short term. Therefore, investors are advised to remain in a wait and watch position for the time being. They should wait till the fall in the stock stops. Will keep an eye on what kind of clarifications come next. Once the stocks become stable, this fall should be taken as an investment opportunity. Whereas those whose money is invested, they should remain in the stock.

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