What is Investment ?

Here given some description about investment for your question or interest regarding to investment topic.

The general meaning of investment is such expenditure which brings about increase in production capacity. It is not related to immediate consumption expenditure or such expenses which may be exhausted in the course of production. The term investment is used in many similar senses in the fields of economics, finance and business management. This term is used in the context of saving and cutting or delaying consumption. Examples of investments are actions such as depositing capital in a bank, or buying assets, which are done with a view to getting profits in the future. Generally it is defined as the increase in capital stock in a given year. Capital is the accumulated investment or investment. Investment is that part of income that is spent on real capital formation. It includes new capital equipment and machines, construction of new buildings, increase in stock etc. According to Keynes, “Investment refers to the increase in capital goods”. Investment is of great importance in every economy to achieve the goal of economic growth and full employment. As investment increases, not only does aggregate demand increase, but aggregate supply also increase. Thus investment is an important element to achieve full employment.

In Other words about investment –

Friend’s investment is a financial term in which money is invested in such a place from where more money can be made. Just depositing money in a bank is not an investment. Investing means wishing money with money by investing the money you have. In simple words, the use of your money to get income is called investment.

Friends, what is investment in right words? Our aim is to earn money by investing money. Making money from money or making money from money is investment in the right words.


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